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November 03, 2016

Fall/Winter Transition - style tips & must haves

November in Calgary is a complete disaster. It's either sunny and 14 degrees like today, or snowing, with negative temperatures; or better yet, a complete slushy mess. How do you prepare for weird weather while still looking awesome? These are my style picks for the fall/winter transition. 

Cozy, adorable knitwear:

{Photos: Nicole Bracey}

This cabled, pompom hat by local knitter Knitatude is EVERYTHING. Soft, chunky, and incredibly stylish - this hat pairs with everything. Chantal makes it in 3 colour combos: burgundy with tan, grey on grey, and marbled white with white. And don't worry about the fur - all poms are made from FAUX fur, so you can wear your toque, guilt-free. Plus, they'll keep you warm during the cold mornings, and if it gets way too hot by the afternoon, you can pop it into your purse. Win-win. Not a hat gal? Chantal has scarves, headbands, and cowls as well! 

If you're interested in making your own knitwear, (like I did on the right!),  Chantal also teaches a learn to knit class at Stash Lounge in Calgary. 

Check out Knitatude on instagram + etsy

New jewelry and accessories:

{Photos: Nicole Bracey}

Pair your long pendants with dainty necklaces for an awesome layered look. Long necklaces can still be worn underneath scarves, so there's no need to choose one over the other! Hair ties are a year round staple - wear them on your wrist as a bracelet, and use them to tie up your winter hat hair if it comes to it. 

SHOP: necklaces | hairties

Take care of your lips:

{Photos: Nicole Bracey, Mint & Daisy}

A good lipbalm is a MUST. For absolutely everyone. My absolute favourite lipbalm is Mint & Daisy's coconut and honey lip butter. Not only is is super moisturizing, but it's all natural as well. Something I've learned since becoming friends with Amelia is that most commercial lipbalms contain alcohol. Alcohol is a preservative, and also keeps the lipbalm in a more solid state. HOWEVER, it also actually dries your lips out a bit as well. So every time you think you've moisturized, you've actually sucked a little bit of moisture out of your lips. Hence the need to continuously reapply. For just $3, don't you think it's worth trying? Pick it up at Greater Goods

If you've already got dry lips, how about trying a lipscrub? These sugar scrubs will polish away flakes - because have you ever tried to put on lipstick with chapped lips? Uh uh. Grab them in Amelia's online shop. (PS - these would actually be the greatest stocking stuffer ever.) 

Check out Mint & Daisy online & on instagram

Fall dresses:

{Photos: Buttercream Clothing}

I am absolutely OBSESSED with my cinnamon swirl swing dress (left) from Buttercream Clothing. The long sleeves make it cozy enough of fall - all you need is a pair of leggings. And while I was creeping the website I noticed this sweatshirt dress (right), which literally seems perfect for fall. I love Buttercream clothing because it's soft, comfortable, and ethically made in Canada. 

Check out Candice on instagram or online. 

Sweater-Jackets and Blanket Scarves:

{Photos: Rebecca King, Northern Needle} 

I ADORE my three way jacket by Rebecca King. It is my absolute favourite purchase I made at Make It! last year. It's cute like a cardigan, but warm like a jacket. And it's designed and made in Canada too. Even better. 

Check out Rebecca King online and on instagram

The other day, Kelsey from Northern Needle showed up at knit-night with her beautiful blanket scarves, and I fell in love. They are absolutely gorgeous and come in a ton of colours. Check Kelsey out on instagram

Other must-haves: 

A good pair of black leggings: self explanatory. 

Matte nails: I'm obsessed with this look. And you don't need to hit the salon to do it. You can pick up a matte top coat that goes over any of your nailpolishes at the drug store. 

Burt's Bees Lipstick: A new product from an awesome brand. I love this lipstick because it's got great pigment, is super moisturizing, and is hella-affordable. It's like $8 to $10 depending on where you go. 

Ankle boots: I live in these. Good for the days where it isn't super slushy. 

A long, plaid button-up: I got a gorgeous blue, maroon, and while plaid from H&M the other day; and the best part is, it completely covers my butt. Long live long shirts. 


Have any fall/winter favs? Let me know your picks!

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