Congrats on picking out your crystal candle! Our candles use only 100% soy wax blended with pure essential oils and finished with the tiniest drop of colour! At the bottom of each candle is a gemstone - when you're done burning your candle you'll be left with the stone to keep!  Please follow these directions to ensure you get the very best burn out of your candles.
STEP ONE: follow your basic candle safety instructions.
Use only on a heat safe surface, away from curtains or anything else that could get caught in the flame. Keep out of reach of children or pets. Never, EVER leave a burning candle unattended. 
STEP TWO: make sure your wick is trimmed to 1/4 of an inch.
We do our best to insure all the wicks are trim prior to distribution, but sometimes one gets away from us. Check before lighting your candle - if it looks too long, be sure to give it a snip with some sharp scissors. REMEMBER: every time you re-light your candle, insure you trim the wick again. This will keep your candle smoke and soot free, and will make it easier to light each time! Remember to remove all your wick trimmings from your wax pool - those bad boys could catch fire.
STEP THREE: burn your candle for at LEAST 30 minutes each time.
This is important - the wax hasn't melted across the entire candle, it will be difficult to re-light again. Burn your candle from 30 minutes - 4 hours. No shorter, and definitely no longer. 
STEP FOUR: discontinue use when 1/4 inch of wax remains at the bottom.
At this point, you should be able to see your crystal. Use a spoon to scoop it out, rinse it with warm water and wipe it dry with a paper towel. Stop using your candle at this point. If you continue to do so, you could overheat the glass. This could result in burns on yourself or the surface, or cracking/breaking of the glass.


Help! My candle went out and I can't get it re-lit!
Sometimes if your candle burns for less than 30 minutes, or doesn't complete a full melting pool, it can be difficult to re-light! Don't worry - it can be saved! Trim your wick. Now use a lighter to heat up the surrounding wax. Try and get it to melt all the way across. Gently pour that wax out (in the garbage - not sink) and try and re-light it!
Help! My wick fell into the wax!
Trim your wick! The longer the wick the more likely it is to collapse! Use your lighter to melt the surrounding wax and then use a spoon or stick to prop your wick back up! Make sure to trim it before attempting to re-light! 
My candle is sooty or smoky!
Keep those wicks trim! Long wicks cause the candles to overheat resulting in soot or smoke. Trimming your wick should help with this!

♦ FAQ ♦

How long should my candle burn for?

A 4oz candle should burn for approximately 25-30 hours, and an 8oz candle should do approximately 50-60 hours. Please keep in mind burn times vary based on the length of time you leave the candle lit, the environment it's in and how big the crystal inside is! 

I'm a vegan! Can I still use your candles?

The answer is yes! We only use 100% soy wax in our candles! Soy wax is plant derived, contains no petroleum bi-products and is a renewable resource. 

I'm allergic/sensitive to fragrance! Can I still use your candles?

Our candles are scented using 100% pure essential oils (a natural oil typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic fragrance of the plant or other source from which it is extracted.) They are NOT fragrance oils (which are composed of chemicals) and are often what people have sensitivity or allergies to. Some people are still sensitive to essential oils and it will absolutely depend on you as an individual. For myself, as someone with extreme perfume and fragrance sensitivity, I have no problems with the essential oils. Your best bet is to visit me at Greater Goods or an upcoming market and smell them for yourself! 

I'm interested in ordering custom candles for my wedding/retail space etc.

We absolutely take volume custom candle orders. Please email nicole@saltwatertea.com for more information.